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Plant a Tree for the Jubilee

15 April 2012

Diamond Jubilee Tree Planting at Cub Warren

The tree was donated by Mrs Sylvia Cornish and Mrs Iris Emery and it is a rowan tree called “Majestica.” We have planted the tree to Celebrate the “Queen’s Diamond Jubilee” at Cub Warren.  The weather was very kind and the sun came out at just the right time.There were people from across scouting in Altrincham at the “planting” and everyone helped to plant the tree. A lovely “afternoon tea”  was served in the Hut afterwards

We were pleased to have the County Commissioner, Heather Baker and her daughter Amy with us.

Stuart Naylor and Colin Emery were in charge of the preparation of the site, and it was planted with a lot of care and attention.

We wish our “tree” well