District News

Beacon Ligthing

4 June 2012

Wow !

We were invited by Trafford Council to help at the Beacon lighting for Trafford, on Monday the 3rd June. A team of willing and loyal supporters of the scouting and guiding movement set off to Denzell gardens, the highest point in Trafford, to see this amazing beacon. We got there in time with all the gear, to cook and “be-prepared” in the event of rain. It was decided that we would cook pancakes, sell cakes and then spend our own money. The evening was dry but not too warm.

The pancakes were made and sold to the customers, along with crisps and cakes. People from Trafford arrived with their picnics, but yet we cooked on.

The Mayor Mrs Young arrived, she judged the Fancy dress competition, and then it was time for her to light the Trafford Beacon. We expected something on a “grand scale” but it was not so large. The beacon was lit which gave off a wonderful glow and then people started to drift away.

The youngsters then had to tidy up ,

Thanks to Trafford we were part of the beacon lighting, but I do think that the uniformed youngsters could have made a bigger and better beacon of their own.

Well done to all those that attended and ensured that the Scouting and Guiding movements were very well represented

beacon1 beacon3 beacon2