Beaver Sleepover 2013

16 June 2013
Wow! What a day, the sun shined on the righteous. 147 beavers descended at 3rd Altrincham headquarters for the annual fun day. The theme was Native Americans, with the beavers making friends and having fun making bracelets, hats, dying t-shirts and running an obstacle course, to name a few.
A total of 89 beavers made the journey back to 4th Hale for the overnight stay, where they were treated to 3 films.
“Best day ever” – Jane ford
“Do I have to go home?” – beaver who did fun day but not stay over.
“We survive without an airbed, …. Wash, toothbrush”
Thanks, goes to all the leaders, the beavers really enjoy it.
The next big day is the day of excellence, well done to all of the beavers who have been put forward for the day.