Inter District Chess Competition 2012

28 October 2013

Could anyone beat Altrincham at chess? The answer was NO!
Yet again the Altrincham team proved too strong and beat cubs from
other Districts. They were divided into 2 teams and had to play 5
games and came 1st and 3rd. Some of them returned from playing so
quickly I couldn’t believe they had won. “I beat him with the
Double Barrelled Shotgun move” I was told. They were amazing. The
Cubs taking part were Max, Nathan, Ben from 1st West Timperley,
Toby, Matthew, who had only just moved up from Beavers, Robert from
1st Timperley and Nathan from 2nd Timperley. Very well done to all.
You were a credit to Altrincham.

Cub Chess 2013