2nd Hale, Cub Warren, District News

Witches Lunch

2 November 2013

The Scout Fellowship enjoyed a lunch to celebrate Cub Warren finally getting its Lease for another 15 years from the Cown Estates.

The weather was too wet to go to Cub Warren so we were cosy and warm and dry in 2nd Hale Headquarters.
Many thanks to 2nd Hale. We enjoyed Hot Pot and Apple pies seved by “the Witches of the Fellowship” and a “ghostly” reading from
Macbeth by Robert Cornish, all done in atmospheric candle light.

The room was full of pumpkin lights and candles with witches and bats around the walls. Not to mention serving the lunch !

The theme changed after lunch as we finished off with sparklers, so many that we set off the “smoke alarm.” A lovely celebration event ! Look out for the photos on the District web-site.