Beavers “Decorating Easter Egg” competition 2014

11 April 2014

Sylvia and I were invited to judge the Competition held on Friday 11th April at 4th Hale Head Quarters.

12 Beavers arrived and with great excitement were allotted an Easter Egg. There was an enormous selection of sweet delicacies to dress up the eggs. There were chocolate drops of every hue, m&ms, marshmallows, cheerios, biscuits, chocolate chips and tubes of coloured icing and much, much more!

Each Beaver was given a bowl to put their goodies in, but how to decide what you would use to decorate your egg was an overwhelming decision.

White and dark chocolate was melted to use as the “glue” and a great deal of concentration to plan and decide how to decorate the egg was apparent.

Some were random, some were faces or animals and some told a story.

All were very well done, and three winners were chosen from 3rd Timperley and 6th Altrincham. All received a Kinder egg for their efforts. Well done everyone!

Iris and Sylvia

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