3rd Timperley

9 Oct 2016

Just sending some info on the Bibby Farm Scout Camp, Camping Competition held by GMN, which Wolf Scouts of 3rd Timperley WON. 🏆 they showed excellent, team work, Scouting Skills, helping other Scouts, sharing, and cooking. Well Done. There first time entering this competition.

9 Oct 2016

3rd Timperley Beavers attended Gulliver’s on Saturday 1st October 2016 as part of Greater Manchester North’s 30th Birthday celebration’s. The Beavers enjoyed the rides, we had some real thrill seekers

8 Apr 2016

3rd Timperley Beavers and Some Cubs met at the Trafford Centre for a fun filled sleepover at LegoLand. They had the whole play area to themselves. We had some masters builders and some budding singers. We teamed up with 1st Broadheath, for what is becoming our annual yearly sleepover.
Went on the rides, the 4D Movie or sleeping in the lego pits😀

10 Oct 2015

On Saturday the 10th October 3rd Timperley Cubs headed back to the water, only this time not to canoe on it but to swim under it. The Cubs met at a local swimming pool to try out the exciting activity of Scuba Diving. The Cubs got a full safety briefing including having to remembering the number one rule of Scuba diving which the Cubs enjoyed shouting out whenever asked – NEVER HOLD YOUR BREATH ….. OR YOU CAN DIE!!
Also as it’s really hard to speak under water the Cubs had …

13 Jul 2015

The Cubs headed to Linnet Clough Scout Camp for the Packs summer camp. The Cubs arrived and helped pitch the tents and watched the parents piece together the frame work of the new mess tent. Once the Cubs had set up camp they headed out for a spot of wooding while exploring the camp site. After a light supper it was still too bright for the best game ever so the Cubs went to their tents to get a good night’s sleep. The night was not a quiet one and …

28 Apr 2015

Following 3rd Timperley’s Cubs spring camp challenge 8 of our Cubs returned to Bibby’s Farm for the Pip Hartley Memorial walk. This is a 10 mile Hiking competition designed for Cubs around the local area. Thanks to “The four piglets” amazing display last year 3rd Timperley Cubs entered 2 teams this time around. On Friday the Cubs helped our Scouts who had entered 5 teams into the longer pike view hike set up camp and also got to know the 4th Hale Cubs who had entered for their 1st Time …

8 Apr 2015

The sky was bright blue and the Sun was shining brightly on another gorgeous spring day. Unfortunately this was not the day when 3rd Timperley Cubs were having their spring camp, they headed to Bibby Scout camp for the first part of 3rd Timperley’s Cubs unique 2015 challenge. The sky was grey and the rain fall constantly. The Cubs arrived on site and quickly realised that when warned on the Thursday night that camp would be cold, wet and muddy the leaders were not joking. So since they were going …

22 Mar 2015

3rd Timperley beavers went orienteering in Wythenshawe park. It was our first time orienteering with the Beavers and they loved it. It was a lovely sunny day. The Beavers arrived and were given a quick pep talk on what orienteering was ie using compass and map skills (they had been learning these over the past two weeks in their meeting in preparation for this) to find different posts. The Beavers were split into three team’s two leaders had teams and a parent helpers team.
In Team one, One Beaver lost a …

8 Feb 2015

This afternoon 6 teams from 5 groups came together to compete in a Cooking competition of pancakes with the criteria of cooking 1 savoury and 1 sweet for the team of 4 and the judges. The judges were treated to 12 pancakes and based on presentation, taste, temperature, cleanliness and teamwork awarded points.
Congratulations go to 3rd Timperley who won the competition and now move onto the County competition on Sunday 7th March, with the second place team 6th Altirncham.
Final Table:

3rd Timperley
6th Altrincham
4th Bowdon
4th Hale Team 1
3rd Altrincham and 4th Hale …

26 Oct 2014

On Sunday 5th October 3rd Timperley Cubs took a trip out to the Crocky Trail. The Cubs met early and were soon exploring the Rides and having fun. 1st up was a spinning disc which all the Cubs scrambled on to. Once in the middle of and they sat down and held tight to each other, then with a push of a button the disc span around throwing the Cubs off in all directions. The sound of laughter rang out from the hut and after every spin the Cubs ran …